How To Plan – And Even Be Grateful – For A Socially Distanced Thanksgiving

Jasmine Surti (far right) and three generations of her family celebrating Thanksgiving in Philadelphia in 2018. From left, front: Louise Aucott, Gabe Aucott with Juniper Chamberlin, Rachel Aucott, Sandhya Surti, Anjali Surti, Hemant Surti, Jasmine Surti 2nd row, starting from center: Steve Hoenstine, Aimee Landau, Mike Aucott Top: Ezra Landau.

It's not a normal Thanksgiving and holiday planning has gotten more complicated for many families and friends figuring out safe, socially distant ways to share favorite foods and treasured recipes.

(Image credit: Aimee Landau/Jasmine Surti)

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